I work with PTSD, Complex PTSD and Psychosomatic Symptomology.

One of my passions is how we attach and bond. I work with adoption issues, divorce and death.

With Somatic Experiencing we get to complete the trauma whatever the nature of the trauma is. So that it does not remain stuck, and repeating as a pattern in our Nervous System, which may cause problems with neurology, sensory-motor, proprioception, interoception and neuroception. Thus driving symptoms and behaviour or both.

I work privately and confidentially. I do individual Somatic Experiencing sessions usually lasting 1.5 hours.

Also Intensive 1:1 Couple and Group work, often using Pia Mellody’s model, supported by Somatic Experiencing.

I use Somatic Touch therapy, doing table work to access more delicate and fragile states within the Nervous System.

I assist with Addictions, Sexual Boundary problems, Personality Disorder, Anger, Grief, Depression, Shock and Horror, Surgical and Dental Trauma, Near Death States, and Attachment and Bonding issues. I do family Addiction Interventions where I use 12 Step programmes to assist with recovery in all addiction recovery processes.

I work with several treatment centres in the USA: The Meadows (Arizona), The Ranch (Nashville), under the umbrella of Elements and Promises Behavioral Health.

I am fully insured. I have regular Post Advanced Somatic Experiencing, Post Advanced Somatic Experiencing Body Work supervision.
Codependency and Family of Origin Trauma Therapist supervision.
Couples Therapist supervision.
Certified Sex Addiction Therapy supervision, Sex Offender therapist supervision.
I am passionate about the latest advances in trauma training and attend worldwide seminars.

I have regular supervision from Police and Probation for the charitable voluntary sex offender work that I do.

I am available to do sessions by Skype.