When I first arrived at Susie’s almost a year ago I felt utterly lost and confused, I had been in therapy for a few years and was in recovery from drug and alcohol misuse but i felt there was something deeply unseen to me that was causing insatiable pain and suffering. Through her amazing listening and insight Susie was able to help me see and accept I was in the grip of, what could have been fatal, Love and Sex addiction and had no idea that was at the root of my acting out in the most destructive and dangerous ways. The denial kept me very sick and with Susie’s gentle guidance and incredible knowledge I had the courage to admit what was happening and begin to build my life back.

I have lived with so much crippling shame and self loathing but Susie helped me to see there has been reasons for the way I have been and how these behaviours developed and were a response to a very turbulent and traumatic childhood history. We have been working through the Dr Carnes recovery programme together and through this work I am beginning to now bring some self acceptance and forgiveness to myself. This new way of relating to myself has begun to heal old, deep, painful wounds and I no longer feel a constant need to run away or use destructive behaviour.  Susie is helping me face my pain, she has guided me through some extremely scary and traumatic times using the Somatic Experiencing tools and has been teaching me techniques to guide and hold me through whatever arises, which I can draw upon in my day to day living. I am now beginning to feel safe to go to the places in myself that I have been running from my whole life.

We are now starting to look at the Pia Mellody work for co-dependence and feel with all my being I am absolutely in the right place, doing the right work, with the right person. I am learning to trust and respect myself and others and learning how to have a healthy relationships. Susie has been the person who helped me to find the courage in myself to dig deep and start to pull out the tap root of co-dependence and sex addiction and begin to live in hope and have faith that I can live positively and healthily.
I know I have a way to go and we are working with a long term plan. Susie is not only supporting me to be well but also guiding me to build and live a fruitful and abundant life. I am training as a movement based expressive arts coach and therapist and feel our work together is a solid basis for me to heal and be the best I can be in order to work others when I am ready. My goal is to be a positive role model of full recovery from cross addictions and trauma.

Susie is firm and loving, I have never had a good healthy adult in my life who pulls me up on things when I need it and sees the best in me and my potential. She doesn’t put up with my whining and the little child in me who wants to give up. She allows me to reflect and that helps me to be accountable for my actions and choices. She offers so many resources and gives me huge encouragement and feedback when I really need it which is helping me to give that to myself and to my own daughter.

I finally feel I deserve a good life and that is progress!

Testimonial Lauren


Susie worked with a client of mine using Somatic Experiencing Trauma Healing for at least six months before he came to treatment. This was evident with the clients ease, curiosity and safety in exploring the landscape of his trauma and his ability to continue releasing stored trauma energy while in treatment. I found Susie to be extremely competent and professional. Her dedication and knowledge in SE and in the clients personality and family issues were invaluable in the successful treatment of this client.

Testimonial Charles Frangos. MA. CSAT, The Recovery Ranch, Nashville, USA
Charles Frangos. MA. CSAT, The Recovery Ranch, Nashville, USA


Susie gave me a tranche of Somatic Experiencing sessions, which helped me overcome the tremendous shock of having one kidney removed, the aftermath of helplessness I felt at having such invasive surgery and the sense of grief and loss at having one of my organs removed. She worked using Somatic Experiencing with such skill and expertise when I felt extremely fragile. She showed me how to calm down the fear. Somatic Experiencing really helped to transform my life, I am very grateful to her.

Testimonial Michele, Nashville, Tennesse, USA
Michele, Nashville, Tennesse, USA